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Bank Account

Why should I open a bank account in Turkey?

The bank account is one of the first steps when starting a business in Turkey in 2022. Banks in Turkey allow for the opening of several types of accounts, most of them dedicated to natural persons, including foreign citizens with Turkish residence permits. Foreign shareholders in Turkish companies are included in this category. However, most banks also provide corporate bank account services through which companies may operate.

Banks in Turkey offer a wide range of services, many of them tailored to the needs of clients, whether natural persons or company owners. Yet, there are specific facilities offered by the bank and mostly are free of charge. Money transfers inside and outside the country, ATM withdrawals, payments in the selected currency, plus other online banking services are normally part of the facilities provided by any bank in Turkey. It is extremely easy to make payments with your account in Turkey, whether online or visiting the bank. On the other hand, one must pay attention to the fees imposed for different banking services.

Bank Account for Turkey

Meet User-Friendly Turkish Banks!

The Turkish banking system is a modern system that has completed a digital transformation and allows the use of the world's most popular currencies.

Your Account is Ready Without You Having to Come to Turkey.

It is not required to visit Turkey to open an account in Turkish banks. With the power of attorney you will give, your account will be opened on your behalf and delivered to you safely.

Ready Accounts in 3 Currencies in 3 Days

With the account opening process to be made on your behalf, your accounts will be defined in USD, EUR and TRY within 3 days at the latest and are ready for use anywhere in the world.

Your Dedicated Debit Cards Are Ready

Along with the accounts opened within the scope of this transaction, your licensed debit card from globally accepted payment institutions will also be delivered to you.

Everything is Ready With a Total Cost of USD-1000

Your bank accounts integrated into the world with a cost of USD-1000 per person (including the service fee) will be given to you as quickly as possible.

Get maximum information about the process

-Step by step procedure
-Requirements for applicants
-Required documents
-Answers to frequently asked questions

Benefits of opening a bank account in Turkey

Advanced online banking service

Unlimited deposit opportunities

Bank account in at least 3 currencies (USD, EUR, TRY)

Opportunity to obtain a valid Visa or Mastercard all over the world

Compare Bank Account to get the best deal.

All qualified team members can speak in English

Invest Turkey

Other Companies

Russian associate desk

7/24 solutions for your all demands via WhatsApp

Accurate price and payment plan

We can perform all transactions on your behalf with a power of attorney

With the responsibility and high awareness, we provide effective and highest quality service for our clients.

Global clients around the world


Passport Delivered Clients


Customer Satisfaction


total value of portfolios


clients from 45 different nations

Step by step procedure for opening a bank account in Turkey

The details of the service you want will be learned by contacting you. Necessary procedures are initiated in accordance with the service you have requested and for the most accurate bank orientation.

Necessary documents are collected for obtaining a tax identification number on your behalf and for other transactions. At this stage, if you wish, we can perform your transactions by obtaining a power of attorney from you for the necessary bank transactions without having to come to Turkey.

After all the necessary documents are prepared, an application is made on your behalf with the documents. Necessary examinations regarding your application are carried out by the bank, and then the bank can approve your account with its evaluations.

After this stage, if you demand, your debit, visa, master cards will be printed and delivered to you. You can start using these cards all over the World.

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