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Turkish Citizenship


Investment amount

4 months

Averaging period

3 years

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Why should I invest in Turkey?

Turkey plays its part as a natural bridge between Asia and Europe. This great located country has a robust entrepreneurial community of startup co-founders and company founders with great hospitality.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Turkey’s overall young and well-educated labor force makes the country the 3rd largest labor force in Europe. Turkey introduced citizenship by investment through real estate acquisition, capital transfer, or job creation, you might be eligible to get a Turkish passport or residence permit.

Real estate acquisition has been the most popular route under Turkish citizenship by investment program with this way when you buy the property for a minimum worth of $400,000 you and your family can get Turkish citizenship.

Another popular way that encourage people to invest in Turkey and get Turkish citizenship and passport is to invest by registering a company. Investors can register one of the companies  like organizational companies (with a minimum capital of 100.000,00 TL), anonim companies(with a minimum capital of 50,000 TL), limited liability companies(with a minimum capital of 10.000,00 TL) etc. in Turkey to get a residence permit in Turkey through investment.

Investment for Turkey Citizenship

Become A Turkish Citizen in 4 Months With an Investment of USD-400000,00

With your real estate investment of usd-400000 and over in Turkey, you, your spouse and children will acquire Turkish citizenship in an average of 4 months.

Your Passport is Prepared Without You Having to Come to Turkey

All transactions in the Turkish passport program can proceed with a power of attorney. In other words, our professional lawyers can follow up the whole process behalf of you, without you having to come to Turkey.

No Interviews, Not Golden Visa, Real Citizenship!

In the Turkish passport program, the investor is not subject to any interview, language proficiency test or residence time. Regardless of whether you have entered the country or not, your passports will be provided one hundred percent even without being asked for a criminal record.

Opportunity To Get a Passport Delivery Without Coming to Turkey

Those who acquire citizenship as a result of the program can go to the nearest Turkish consulate without entering Turkey. Even at this stage, they can give fingerprints and get their passports.

Opportunity to Complete the Process With a Total Cost of Approximately USD-4000,00

Applications within the scope of the program are completed with a cost of approximately USD-4000 (including service fee) and no room for surprise costs.

Get maximum information about the process

-Step by step procedure
-Requirements for applicants
-Required documents
-Answers to frequently asked questions

Benefits of Turkey citizenship

Travel to the Schengen area

E-2 business visa to the USA

Your family and children also benefit from citizenship

Visa-Free/Gate Visa Travel opportunity to over 100 countries

100+ visa-free countries with the Turkish passport


South Korea
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South Africa Republic
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Step-by-step procedure for obtaining Turkey citizenship

First of all, the investment you have selected is examined. Possible risks are determined. And the schedule of the process is presented to you in general terms.

The documents required for the transfer of title deeds are completed. A power of attorney is obtained by you. (special for Invest Turkey customers, you can issue your power of attorney anywhere in the world with remotely.) the expert report and other necessary documents are completed and the process is made ready for the title deed transfer.

With the power of attorney we have received by you, we will register the title deed you have chosen under your name.

After the transfer of the title deed, a state-approved conformity certificate is obtained regarding the suitability of your real estate for the process and a residence permit application is made afterwards. You do not need to be involved in any of these processes as well.

After your residence application is approved the citizenship applications of you, your spouse and your children are made while you are not in Turkey. And the application document will be sent to you with the tracking number.

When your citizenship is confirmed, the approval letter is sent to you digitally. With this letter, if you wish, you can apply to the turkish consulate in the country where you are located and give fingerprints and get your passports and new identities. Or if you wish, we, as the Invest Turkey team, will make an appointment on your behalf and assist you throughout this fingerprint process in Turkey.

Happy investors since 2016.


Have a question?

Yes, a foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship in several ways: including purchase of a real estate worth $ 400.000 in Turkey, a deposit in a bank of $ 500.000 or more, open a business with a capital of $ 500.000 etc. You can decide the best way for you with Invest in Turkey team.

The property valuation report must be obtained from a proffessional property valuer and certified by the Turkish government’s accredited institutions. Invest in Turkey team always help you fort his evaluation process.

No, the property can only be sold after three years from the date of purchase. You must write a pledge in the title deed, specifying not to sell the property for 3 years.

There are no regulated restrictions about the source of funding. But considering the forthcoming comprehensive examination; for the sake of such exceptional application, sender should be the applicant, in person. Also sendin money to Turkey and opening a bank account in Turkey are easy and fast procedures.

Residing in Turkey for a particular period of time before or after the acqusition of Turkish citizenship by investment is not obligatory.

It is enough a shareholder for a limited liability company. The capital must be TRY50.000- minimum.

Yes, “Invest in Turkey” can help you if you send a power of attorney; we will follow up with all the stages from the beginning until the end for you.  

No, you can provide the documents requested of your family members fort he application. However, often the local authorities are requesting a fingerprint of easch member. Fort his procedure easch applicant needs to be physically in Turkey

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