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Company Establishment

Why should I open a company in Turkey?

Company Management in Turkey is a straightforward process that can be supervised by our lawyers. You will benefit from specialized legal advice for the preparation of the necessary documents. You can also be helped to obtain a residence permit to be able to live and work in accordance with the immigration legislation in Turkey. There are a number of businesses that foreigners cannot open in Turkey without prior approval from the Ministry of Commerce and industry. These include banks, factoring, private finance institutions, foreign currency exchange offices, companies subject to Capital Markets Law, public warehousing and operators of free trade zones.

Company Establishment for Turkey

Establish Your One-Person Company Without Coming To Turkey

A one-person limited liability company can be established in Turkey without the need for a local partner. The company is established within 3 days at the latest.

Establish Your Company in Turkey Without Residency Requirement

It is possible to establish a company without the requirement of residence with a power of attorney to be given for the company establishment.

Establish a Company Quickly at Low Cost

Get your company by establishing a company in Turkey in three days at a cost of approximately USD-2500, renting a virtual office for USD-25 per month and paying USD-80 monthly accounting cost.

Your Company's Bank Account is Ready in 1 Week

You can open a company account in the currency you wish with the company you have established in Turkey and use these accounts in Turkish banks.

Your Company Acts Without Any Limit of Activity

In the Turkish company system, you are not limited to the subject of activity of your company. In other words, you can trade in any kind of matter, regardless of the subject matter of your company.

Get maximum information about the process

-Step by step procedure
-Requirements for applicants
-Required documents
-Answers to frequently asked questions

Benefits of Company Establishment in Turkey

You can get your company bank account

Affordable running costs

E-office option (USD 50 per month)

Your english speaker accountant will be always available (USD 100 per month)

Compare Turkish companies vs others

Attestation of documents without notary

Turkish Companies

Other Companies

Refundable and affordable minimum capital (USD 700)

Affordable yearly running cost (USD 200 per month)

7/24 solutions for your all demands via WhatsApp

Get your company bank account

Complete your company establishment process hundred percent remotely

Global clients around the world


Passport Delivered Clients


Customer Satisfaction


total value of portfolios


clients from 45 different nations

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining Company Establishment

In the first online meeting with you, matters such as company title, capital, shareholding structure, field of activity are determined and information about the process is given.

We will need to obtain a power of attorney from you in order to carry out the process on behalf of you. As invest turkey service, you can benefit from our remote attorney service while you are in whenever you are, also at the company installation phase, so we have signed the documents we send to you without going anywhere.

Your application is made in istanbul trade registry within two days with the attorney received by you and with the title and other information set for your company and your company is registered within the same time.

Necessary authority definitions are made with the signature circular to be issued after your company is registered. It is possible to get your signature circular by invest turkey's online signature, where you can do it without going anywhere. Immediately with the tax inspection to be made from the tax office, the company is ready for operation.

By opening a bank account for your company as an invest turkey service, your company's bank account will activate your accounts in 3 currency (usd, eur, try). Thus, your company starts money transfers when starting its commercial activities.

With a meeting with you, your accountar and us, regarding your company organization documents and all the processes done so far, the process will be completed.

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Have a question?

A Total Of USD 500 is charged by the government for the foundation of the company in Turkey. Also, there is a cost of approximately USD 350 for Signature Circular and Attorney Procedures. Additional to that, 1/4 of a Minimum Capital of About USD 700 must be pay. However, this payment cannot be refunded after the company is established.

No. As ınvest Turkey ın the company organızatıons ın tr, we make you a company owner wıth the complete remote access phılosophy wıthout hospıtalıng you ın tr. We can also receıve the remote access for these processes.

Corporate tax in Turkey ıs 23% for 2022. However, the corporate tax at the end of the year is low compared to many countries, as all the expenses you make on behalf of the company and even all the expendıtures you made whıle ın turkey are called from income.

Invest Turkey works wıth a fıxed servıce prıce polıcy and ınvestıgates ınvestments and ınvestments at usd2500, ıncludıng all consultıng servıces for the company establıshment.

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