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Legal Matters

Our lawyer team always ready for our clients’ problems with fast, effective, forward-thinkind, dynamic and result oriented solutions. Our lawyers provides clients with legal advice and their specialist services to resolve any kinds of legal disputes they encounter in Turkey or internationally.

In cases of disputes encountered by clients, E&B favours filing a lawsuit as a last resort. The Firm follows all the necessary negotiation processes for the settlement of a dispute, including arbitration, mediation, first instance court and appeal process, and representative services.

We strive to understand how the resolution of a dispute affects your business so we mould our representation to the realities of your world. Any dispute resolution case should be solved in the most efficient and cost-effective way, so the business does not lose its value while law prevails.

Professional Support to the Complex Legal Process in Turkey

Our lawyers are experts in the disputes of foreign investors in Turkey and will offer you the most reasonable solution.

Regular Following and Information

During the period of your legal support, your transactions will be followed on a daily basis and each progress will be reported to you.

Perspicuous Approach And Realistic Solutions

You will be informed with all the alternatives that the legal service you will receive is the most ideal option. The final decision is always left to you.

Real Estate, Trade, Receivables and Other Legal Disputes

Professional lawyer staff is an expert especially in commercial transactions, real estate, receivables, etc. transactions. You will be offered the most accurate offer.

Get maximum information about the process

-Step by step procedure
-Requirements for applicants
-Required documents
-Answers to frequently asked questions

Compare Legal Matters to get the best deal.

All qualified team members can speak in English

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Other Companies

Russian associate desk

7/24 solutions for your all demands via WhatsApp

Accurate price and payment plan

We can perform all transactions on your behalf with a power of attorney

With the responsibility and high awareness, we provide effective and highest quality service for our clients.

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clients from 45 different nations

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Let’s discuss the details

Whatever you need, call us now. Let’s talk details and start your process with solutions for your needs with our professional team.

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