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Real Estate

Best Price Guarantee from Invest Turkey

Commission payments up to 15% are made in foreign real estate sales in Turkey. For this reason, we, as Invest Turkey, eliminate this commission payment and offer you prices that no agent can offer. Come and make your investment in Turkey with the assurance of Invest Turkey with the best price guarantee!

Invest Turkey provides consultancy services to its clients with sale-purchase process to get citizenship and also provides the best solutions for title deeds, residency with real estate, real estat sales promise contracts, sale contracts.

Our investment in Turkish citizenship practice includes; buying, leasing, and selling residential and commercial properties to both domestic and foreign clients in Turkey.

Our qualified team shall prepare your purchase and sale agreement to buy or sell an off-plan in Turkey. Our team shall recommend specific changes that would benefit you, negotiate these concerns and changes with the other party and accompany you to the Title Deed Office to close the transaction.

Real Estate for Turkey

Have You Made a Risk Assessment of Your Investment in Turkey?

Our professional team makes the necessary assessment for the real estate you intend to invest in and presents the risk analysis to you.

Written Report, No Risk

With the due diligence service you will receive, you know all the risks of your possible investment, you will not face any surprises.

Examination in all Relevant Institutions

At this stage, the immovable property is examined in the relevant land registry directorate, municipality, courts, cadastre and other institutions, and all the details are written.

Your Report is Ready for USD-1500

You will obtain the entire legal risk of your real estate with an all-inclusive service fee of USD-1500 for a real estate in writing in your own language as a report.

Get maximum information about the process

-Step by step procedure
-Requirements for applicants
-Required documents
-Answers to frequently asked questions

Benefits of buying real estate in Turkey

Renewable residence permit guarantee

Opportunity to get a residence in a country full of natural beauty

Opportunity to get an investment that increases its value in dollars

Opportunity to get investment from project-stage investments at opportunity prices

Compare Real Estate to get the best deal.

All qualified team members can speak in English

Invest Turkey

Other Companies

Russian associate desk

7/24 solutions for your all demands via WhatsApp

Accurate price and payment plan

We can perform all transactions on your behalf with a power of attorney

With the responsibility and high awareness, we provide effective and highest quality service for our clients.

Global clients around the world


Passport Delivered Clients


Customer Satisfaction


total value of portfolios


clients from 45 different nations

Step-by-step process of buying real estate in Turkey

To start the process, first of all, the most suitable real estate is selected with you.

The risks and analyzes of the real estate project you choose are made and necessary information is provided in this regard.

Purchase of real estate

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The title deed transactions are registered in your name and the process is completed successfully.

Happy investors since 2016.


Have a question?

Yes, Turkey allows its citizens to have dual citizenshio. However, you need to check whether your country allows dual citizenshio with Turkey.

Yes, you and your family need a short term mandatory residence permit first.

Generally, it takes about 6-8 months to get Turkish citizenship by investment.

Yes, you and your spouse and the children under 18 can get citizenship.

Let’s discuss the details

Whatever you need, call us now. Let’s talk details and start your process with solutions for your needs with our professional team.

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